Dependence On Technology: Why Is The Younger Generation Unworried?

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The older generation is worried that young people who are  dependent on technology will never develop certain skills that previous generations were forced to develop for survival. The older generation fears that the technology will make people dependent on devices, and will make them forget how to use their own brains.

Well, the situation can be summed up by a look at a conversation between a millionaire father who was born in a poor family and earned money through hard work and his son. When criticized for not being serious about money, the son replies that he can afford to do so because his father is a millionaire while his father’s father was not.

The older generation had to write down info because they did not have a choice. However, when one can carry huge libraries in a small case no bigger than a cell phone, why should one bother taking notes? Cell phone companies are creating smartphones specifically for young people. Brands such as Cricket cell phones are targeting teens with functional keyboards for fast SMS, picture messaging and quality ring tones.

Every generation is uncomfortable with the next generation as they move into uncharted territory. Beyond a certain level, one just cannot attach any importance to the criticisms about new tech. Technology is here to stay, and the smartest option would be to use it properly to further the development of mankind.

Technology: Life Towards Luxury

More work with less effort is done with the help of technology.  In early days there was no technology and human beings used the natural resources to do all the work. Nowadays we have the best technology which makes our life easier. In olden days to grind or to make powder grinding stones were used. But in these days every house has a grinder and a mixer. It hardly takes few minutes to grind. Likewise we have the telephones, mobile phones, internet and video conferencing. These are a few of the developments of technology which is used in our day today life.

In olden days, writing letters was the only source of communication. But now we do not find people writing letters to communicate with each other. Due to the development of technology people use mobile phones and telephones to communicate with each other. Reasonable charges are spent for telephones and mobile phones.

World Wide Web is commonly known as the Internet connection. This helps to communicate to people within few minutes by sending and receiving electronic mail. Internet is a God’s gift to the present generation. It helps to communicate to each other very easily and is user friendly. Through internet we have lot of opportunities for education. Internet is a back bone for all the industries. Internet is universal access and it helps in search information from the web.

Video conferencing is a gift of the technology to the industry. A person from America and a person from England can see each other and communicate to each other through video conferencing. This is very helpful in the software industry and many other industries. The clients meet the employees through this.

Online Degrees – Importance of Networking

how to network effectively. Networking allows individuals to establish connections that can be potentially rewarding. For instance, an online graduate could become a member of a professional organization, where a position might materialize. Networking is a must for online graduates.

For some reason, there are those that believe it is impossible to network with an online education. However, that is not true. Those with an online education can utilize the connections that they make while in school. Learning how to network can carry this skill well past one’s formal education. Extending this will reap the rewards of networking.

In addition, online students receive a very valuable support system: their school. Such as the institutions seen on, many colleges, universities, and online institutions provide resources for their students. In many cases, students and graduates are able to locate leads, such as for positions or professional membership opportunities.

The online graduate will in time learn to use the skills that he or she gained. The Internet allows individuals to build their own brand and to get the area of expertise to the right people. From the skills gained in school to those that are continued past graduation, online students and graduates are certainly not at a disadvantage in terms of networking.

With the right steps, networking is not impossible for online students and graduates. It can actually become a strength for such individuals, due to the support systems and opportunities that are found on the Internet.

Serious Players Choose Online

There is a popular phrase often attributed to Benjamin Franklin that states, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” But what about a penny won? Gambling adds the thrill of winning to that equation. Sitting at a desk job for years might be the socially acceptable manner to earn a living, but it does not offer the same thrills as placing a bet and having it paid out.

The allure of gambling is understandable. Quick and easy money is interlocked with the American dream. Gambling was one of the first industries to flourish as pioneers traveled west. Card games and one-armed bandits put a tiny desert outpost known as Las Vegas on the map and turned it into a globally recognized destination. For gamblers with time and money a trip to Vegas is hard to beat. Vegas can offer a warm climate and entertainment for nearly every audience, but for a group of gamblers looking for easy access to pure gambling, they can also consider playing online.

Online gambling is becoming increasingly popular. The new graphics and technology make the games feel less like playing on a laptop than sitting at a table in Vegas. Playing casino games online provides gamblers with an easy way to play. Rather than spending money on travel expenses or on a hotel room, gamblers can hedge their bets and improve their chances of winning big by playing games online.

The advantages of playing online are many, but the best thing about gambling online is that it offers players with the chance to play whenever they want. There is always a game at an online casino, which lets players gamble at their leisure. Rather than wasting money on a trip, serious gamblers can play at world class casinos by simply logging into their online accounts. Serious players will include online gambling as part of their playing portfolio.

Fixing a Slow Computer

Everyone loves a brand new computer. The computer seems to run with lightning speed. Eventually, your new computer will gradually get slower. It takes longer to start up and applications open more slowly. If your computer has become unbearably slow, there are a few things you can do to increase the speed.

The first step is to defrag the hard dive with the defragmentation tool. As you use files and applications on your computer, they are not placed back in the appropriate section. The fragmentation of the hard drive slows the process of opening files and applications. The defragmentation tool will defrag the hard drive and increase the speed of your computer. However, the process may take a couple of hours to complete.

You can also add more random access memory (RAM) to your computer, which usually will speed up the computer when you are multi-tasking and have several programs open at once. This is more costly, however, you can easily install it yourself and this will save you money.

If your internet connection is running slow, you will want to make sure you clean out the Internet cache files. These are the temporary internet files that accumulate each time you are surfing the Internet. You will also want to delete your cookies. This will help your computer gain speed while you are on the Internet.

You should also take the time to remove unwanted programs from your computer. This will free up used space. Before deleting any programs, make sure you know what you are deleting. Do not delete items that you are unfamiliar with or do not recognize. You may inadvertently delete pre-installed programs that your computer needs to operate properly.

Keeping up with regular file maintenance and using the defrag tool should keep your computer running at a reasonable speed.

Three Useful Things You Can Do with an iPad

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The iPad is an interesting new gadget. However, many are discovering once the novelty wears off; it is not very useful. The hype surrounding the iPad had many consumers running out and buying one. Most did not consider it was not as useful as their current laptops. The iPad is slightly more functional than a typical cell phone. This has left many people wondering what they will do with their iPad.

The iPad is a useful tool for photographers. It is a wonderful way to create an electronic portfolio of your work. Customers will enjoy flipping through your portfolio on your iPad. This digital version of your portfolio is much easier to carry around with you as you are meeting new clients. You can display thousands of your best photos and separate them in categories. If you have a client interested in nature photos, you can easily pull up the nature category and display all the related photos.

If you love reading eBooks, you can use your iPad to store your favorite books. You do not have to worry about purchasing an eBook reader such as the kindle. The iPad is great for reading eBooks. If you have to wait in line or have a long wait in the doctor’s office, you can pull out your iPad and read. This will certainly help the time to pass quickly.

For those that have a long commute to work by bus or train, the iPad is ideal. You can download your favorite TV shows or movies and watch them on your way to work. Put on a pair of headsets and the commute will fly by. You will also tune out all the other commuters that may be chatting endlessly.

The iPad is not convenient for doing work. However, it does provide a wonderful distraction if you find yourself waiting in a long line or waiting for your bus.

Has Your Tablet PC Got You Down?

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Tablet PCs are the new rage. The iPad and other tablets have captivated consumers. Unfortunately, many people are discovering the tablets are cumbersome and downright uncomfortable. The tablets are a great idea; however, if you use your tablet for work or school, it can be quite tedious. The design of the tablet is not conducive to reading and responding to emails. If you are creating lengthy documents, a tablet makes it difficult.

The tablet PC is fun and a great new gadget. However, beyond that, it is not as functional as a laptop. For entertainment purposes, the tablet PC is fantastic. It is wonderful if you love watching videos and playing games. Many people that travel for a living, envy laptop users in the airports. Laptop users have the benefit of a full screen and can comfortably use their laptops while waiting for a plane. With the tablet PC, it is difficult to sit comfortable and answer emails or write documents. Since the keyboard is in the screen, you have to lay the tablet flat in order to use it. Many table PC users have discovered how difficult and uncomfortable it is.

Manufacturers have heard the complaints and now you can purchase many accessories to enhance the usability of your tablet. You can now purchase an external keyboard and a stand to create a laptop similar configuration. This allows the user to use the full screen instead of the touch keyboard. The tablet is placed on the stand to make looking at the tablet more ergonomically correct. These accessories are great to use if you are working at a desk for long hours.

In addition, there are many cases in which the tablet fits snug on one side and the keyboard fits on the other side. You open the case and you have the same configuration as a laptop. This makes it convenient to use your table while traveling and helps reduce the neck strain.

Tablet PCs are popular and the available accessories will make the tablets more functional.

Reboot or Reinstall

The average person does not maintain his or her PC properly. Most people download applications and tools not realizing some of the things they download may cause problems in the future. Many times programs conflict with each other and will cause applications to malfunction or not work properly. This creates many frustrating problems the average PC user is unable to deal with or fix. The frustration and fear the computer is ruined makes it difficult for a person to think clearly. Most people generally panic at the first sign of computer trouble.

The first time you have trouble, you should simply attempt to reboot. Often, rebooting will solve the issue. However, once you notice a problem, you want to make sure you back-up all your files. While rebooting may work, you want to make sure if there is a more serious issue, you have all your files saved on an external device. Back-ups should be done on a regular basis to avoid losing information.

If rebooting does not resolve the issue, you may want to consider reinstalling the application that seems to be giving you a problem. You can uninstall the program in the add/remove program manager. Once you have uninstalled the program, you can restart your computer to see if the problem is resolved. If the problem is not resolved, another program may be causing the problem. If it is resolved, you can simply reinstall the program.

Keep in mind; if you are experiencing difficulty with Windows, reinstalling will cause you to lose the information on your computer. You will want to back-up all the information you have on your computer. Before taking this step, you will want to make sure additional applications are not the root cause.

Downloading programs you are unfamiliar with usually are the cause of most problems. Many of the free tools that are offered may cause a host of problems on your computer. If you download an application and you notice you are having problems running other applications, simply remove the application you downloaded.

At the first sign of trouble, remember to reboot.

Free Anti-Virus Software

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Computer viruses are a common problem. Unfortunately, many people still do not protect their PCs with anti-virus software. Many people will let their subscriptions expire due to the price. However, the damage to your PC may be far costlier than most reputable anti-virus programs. These days money is tight for millions of people in this troubling economy. When money is tight and the bills need to be paid, the last thing a person thinks about is paying for an anti-virus program. The good news is you can still protect your PC with free anti-virus software. It may not be the best software; however, it is better than no protection at all.

Avira AntiVir offers free anti-virus protection with its Personal Edition. The free Personal Edition software will protect your PC against viruses and spyware. However, it does not scan e-mail. If you open an email, you will not get a message indicating the email is infected with a virus. Although, if you open the email and it does contain a virus, the program will detect it. The paid version of the program offers full protection. If you are looking for free software, make sure you are choosing the Personal Edition.

The Security Essentials software by Microsoft is another good free option. It has a decent detection rate and is efficient in detecting malware. The software program is simple to use and it provides basic security features. The software requires that you have an authentic copy of Windows installed or it will not work. The software does have a low speed scan rate and takes a great deal of time to detect malware and quarantine it. Security Essentials by Microsoft is much better than not having any protection at all.

A popular free anti-virus software that is comparable to many popular programs is Avast. The software can be used in conjunction with another software program that you may be using. It provides good detection rates and you can run scans on-demand. The free software does offer more features than many of the free programs available.

The free alternatives for anti-virus protection will provide at least minimal protection for your PC.


Electrocardiography is a medical instrument which is used to record the flow of electric current in heart. ECG is the common abbreviation used for Electrocardiography. The word Electrocardiography is derived from Greek word electro which means electrical activity, cardio which means heart and graph meaning to write.

ECG is a quick and painless procedure which works on electrical charges in skin cell when heart muscle contract. At rest all the heart muscles cell have charge on its outer wall or cell membrane. When this charge reduces to zero, it is called depolarization of cell. This activates the mechanism of cell which make it contract.

Each electrode is connected to a machine which is made to show heart’s electrical patterns. When a heart is working normally, each segment contract in a specific way. This contraction of muscles is done by an electrical impulse. In a healthy heart, electrical impulse is at the rate of 60-100 times per minute.

An electrode is a device which receives the electrical signals from cell and transfers it to the ECG device. Normally, more than two electrodes are used and made combination in various numbers of pairs. Each pair is linked to the ankle, chest and wrist and then is connected to ECG machine. The result from each pair is called Lead.

There are different types of ECG depends on number of leads like 3 lead, 5 lead,12 lead ECGs. The ECG produces impulse that is known as P, Q, R, S AND T which gives alphabetic name to each part of ECG. If the impulse follows the defined alphabetical path, the heart said to be normal.

Hence this machine plays an important role in detecting any kind of heart abnormalities in a patient. And can be used to diagnose problems and advice suitable medication. Ever since its invention, it has played a major role in the medical field, saving lives and allowing scientists to develop more on this technology.