A Simple Guide For First Time Android Buyers

Have you heard about smart phones, but don’t have one yourself? Have you started looking at Android phones, hoping to find the perfect device? There are many things to think about when it comes to getting a great Android device.

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One of the first things you need to look at is whether or not your cell phone carrier has the Android device that you are looking for. Most cell phone providers have a variety of Android based cell phones, and many of them also have Android tablets now, as well. If you don’t currently have a cell phone provider, look at the ones in your area. Weigh the pros and cons of each, and how well they will work for your situation.

Understand the Apps

Everyone has heard about the many different types of Apps that you can get on an Android device. There is everything from games to apps that will help you keep track of your work hours. There are so many apps out there that they are not all available on the Android marketplace. Before getting your new Android device, you may want to look at a beginner’s guide to non-market Android apps. This can help you understand how to get and use some of the apps that you will want.

Ease of Use

In general, most Android devices are extremely easy to use. However, the level of difficulty does change with each device. You may want to read reviews, or see if you can borrow a friend’s phone before you decide to purchase. If you are tech-savvy this most likely won’t be a problem; however, if you are looking for something that is extremely user friendly, make sure you know what you are getting into before you purchase your device.

Know What you Want

There are a variety of Android devices. One of the most important things to know before you purchase is what you want your device to be able to do. You may find that you want a smart phone that will allow you to play games, as well. Or you might find that you don’t really need a phone – instead, an Android tablet would work best. No matter what you are looking for, you will be able to find the right option.

Choosing the right device is important. You need to make sure that you have enough power in your device to do everything you need, and balance that with it being user friendly enough for you to not get overwhelmed with.

Latest Developments in the Technology Industry

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Latest developments in the technology industry have included an increase in education software and support. Since smart phones are here to stay, and they’re priced competitively enough to make them accessible to students, schools are starting to embrace them as learning devices.

Turning a Common Problem into a Solution

Until recently, the cell phone was considered a school discipline problem. Campuses could ban them in the classroom, but kids would still figure out how to use them. Today, wise school districts are seeing the potential of the mobile devices as a positive technology trend in learning. With options like the Cricket blackberry, schools can actually give phones to those kids who can’t afford one. On a pay as you go basis, the school would only be obligated while the phone was in use.

Apps Become Easy Fixes for Bored Students

There’s always a kid or two who just can’t get into school. That same kid is as hungry as the next to embrace technology. As learning software companies begin to introduce learning apps into the education industry, teachers will be able to engage kids more effectively by requiring that quizzes or exercises be done on their smart phones. Short attention span is one of today’s common problems, so mobile learning is a welcomed technological trend.

For educators who worry that the smart phones will be disruptive, a few tips and tricks would be:

  • Take the phones up during lecture time
  • Block unwanted websites
  • Make sure students know it’s a privilege to be on the cutting-edge of technology in the classroom

Most kids will gladly follow the rules if it means learning in a new and exciting way.

Online Degrees – Importance of Networking

how to network effectively. Networking allows individuals to establish connections that can be potentially rewarding. For instance, an online graduate could become a member of a professional organization, where a position might materialize. Networking is a must for online graduates.

For some reason, there are those that believe it is impossible to network with an online education. However, that is not true. Those with an online education can utilize the connections that they make while in school. Learning how to network can carry this skill well past one’s formal education. Extending this will reap the rewards of networking.

In addition, online students receive a very valuable support system: their school. Such as the institutions seen on earnmydegree.com, many colleges, universities, and online institutions provide resources for their students. In many cases, students and graduates are able to locate leads, such as for positions or professional membership opportunities.

The online graduate will in time learn to use the skills that he or she gained. The Internet allows individuals to build their own brand and to get the area of expertise to the right people. From the skills gained in school to those that are continued past graduation, online students and graduates are certainly not at a disadvantage in terms of networking.

With the right steps, networking is not impossible for online students and graduates. It can actually become a strength for such individuals, due to the support systems and opportunities that are found on the Internet.

Common Kitchen Gadgets

The word gadget sounds complicated and quite scientific. Gadgets are tools or appliances that make your work convenient, fun and easy. Technology has bought a major revolution in the world and with it came, many inventions, one of them being electronic appliances. You will find gadgets everywhere – home, school, workplace, gym etc. Have you ever wondered the number of gadgets found in your own kitchen? Here, take a look.

Food processor – The ever handy food processor does the dual job of a juicer and a mixer. You can chop, dice, slice, blend, puree, shred and grind vegetables, fruits, spices and even meat in a jiffy. Some food processors also allow you to mix and knead dough.

Automatic trash can – Another invention which is handy and catching the attention of most households. This trash can detects your hand movement via sensors and opens up, once your hand is away at a certain distance, it shuts. It is very useful especially when you are multitasking or your two hands are full of garbage.

Dishwasher – This is another blessing in disguise especially when you do not have domestic help. Having a dishwasher also means you really do not have to rely on any external help. Pile up your dirty plates, cups, saucers, spoons etc. even your heavy pots, pans, pressure cooker etc. into the dishwasher along with liquid soap and all the cleaning, scrubbing, rinsing is done by the dishwasher.

Microwave – A convenient way of heating and cooking food. You can even roast, grill, bake many wonderful things. Food cooked in microwave is also healthy.

Refrigerator – The good old “fridge” is the most common electronic gadget that has been around for than a century. It is a cooling storage place which prevents spoilage. Fish, meat and other poultry products can be stored in the chillers or freezers for few days together.

Touch Screen Technology May Not Be a Good Thing

Cell phones with touch screens are very popular. Now, touch screens are available for computers and televisions. While these screens may seem like a good idea, you need only look at your cell phone screen to realize it may not be such a good idea after all.

If you look at your cell phone screen, you will see that it is grimy and full of fingerprints. It is almost impossible to keep the touch screen on a cell phone clean. Many people carry a cloth around to wipe the screen clean constantly.

Now imagine how your touch screen will look on your computer or television.

The natural oils on your fingers will leave annoying fingerprints each time you touch the screen. Every time you use your computer or television, you will have to wipe off the fingerprints. Often, the fingerprints are stubborn and will smear instead of disappearing.

Many people eat while they are working on their computers. The keyboard gets dirty enough and with touch screens, the screen will get as dirty as the keyboard. Imagine touch your screen while you are eating fried chicken or pizza. Your touch screen will eventually develop an oil slick.

Touch screen technology may appear to be a great idea at the moment; however, it will surely contribute to the development of an obsessive-compulsive disorder in the future. The constant wiping of screens will be the norm for millions of people.

It makes one wonder why a touch screen television is a good idea. The average person will not buy a television that does not include a remote control. Very few people will want to get up and touch their television screen. If they do, they will quickly become annoyed by the greasy fingerprint marks.

It appears that touch screens will be more of a nuisance than a convenience.

Fixing a Slow Computer

Everyone loves a brand new computer. The computer seems to run with lightning speed. Eventually, your new computer will gradually get slower. It takes longer to start up and applications open more slowly. If your computer has become unbearably slow, there are a few things you can do to increase the speed.

The first step is to defrag the hard dive with the defragmentation tool. As you use files and applications on your computer, they are not placed back in the appropriate section. The fragmentation of the hard drive slows the process of opening files and applications. The defragmentation tool will defrag the hard drive and increase the speed of your computer. However, the process may take a couple of hours to complete.

You can also add more random access memory (RAM) to your computer, which usually will speed up the computer when you are multi-tasking and have several programs open at once. This is more costly, however, you can easily install it yourself and this will save you money.

If your internet connection is running slow, you will want to make sure you clean out the Internet cache files. These are the temporary internet files that accumulate each time you are surfing the Internet. You will also want to delete your cookies. This will help your computer gain speed while you are on the Internet.

You should also take the time to remove unwanted programs from your computer. This will free up used space. Before deleting any programs, make sure you know what you are deleting. Do not delete items that you are unfamiliar with or do not recognize. You may inadvertently delete pre-installed programs that your computer needs to operate properly.

Keeping up with regular file maintenance and using the defrag tool should keep your computer running at a reasonable speed.

Three Useful Things You Can Do with an iPad

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The iPad is an interesting new gadget. However, many are discovering once the novelty wears off; it is not very useful. The hype surrounding the iPad had many consumers running out and buying one. Most did not consider it was not as useful as their current laptops. The iPad is slightly more functional than a typical cell phone. This has left many people wondering what they will do with their iPad.

The iPad is a useful tool for photographers. It is a wonderful way to create an electronic portfolio of your work. Customers will enjoy flipping through your portfolio on your iPad. This digital version of your portfolio is much easier to carry around with you as you are meeting new clients. You can display thousands of your best photos and separate them in categories. If you have a client interested in nature photos, you can easily pull up the nature category and display all the related photos.

If you love reading eBooks, you can use your iPad to store your favorite books. You do not have to worry about purchasing an eBook reader such as the kindle. The iPad is great for reading eBooks. If you have to wait in line or have a long wait in the doctor’s office, you can pull out your iPad and read. This will certainly help the time to pass quickly.

For those that have a long commute to work by bus or train, the iPad is ideal. You can download your favorite TV shows or movies and watch them on your way to work. Put on a pair of headsets and the commute will fly by. You will also tune out all the other commuters that may be chatting endlessly.

The iPad is not convenient for doing work. However, it does provide a wonderful distraction if you find yourself waiting in a long line or waiting for your bus.


Security camera at London (Heathrow) Airport. ...

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CCTV is a short term for Closed- Circuit television is nothing but a video camera which focuses on a particular area capturing the video signals. The most appropriate term for CCTV would be Surveillance camera. CCTV is used in areas that might need constant monitoring such as military related areas, banks, railway stations, airports and general stores.

It is widely used in industrial areas such as thermal power plants, radio substations, and pharmaceutical labs and places especially where it is considered highly hazardous for manual interactions. The processes are closely watched through a central control unit using the surveillance cameras.

The usage of CCTV in banks and general stores increased rapidly for security purpose and to avoid theft. The use of these cameras were highly popularized to such an extent that now United Kingdom uses CCTV in public places along the streets that reportedly there are more number of cameras for one single person to keep a watch.

CCTV is often used to supervise the various conditions that take place in the industrial process which are harmful for humans. For instance they are mainly used in chemical industries, power stations, inner area of the thermal reactors. Special CCTVs such as thermo graphic cameras are used to sustain such conditions.

Many countries have adapted CCTV for the purpose of traffic monitoring at the highways to detect accidents and to avoid traffic congestions. The latest camera in this technology instantly reads and detects the registration plates of the vehicle. This is greatly used in crime detection and to detect the stolen vehicles.

Although there are many uses and importance of the surveillance camera, it has its own disadvantages too. The hackers might use it to hack the records from the control room and access information. Few criminals place the CCTV in ATMs such that the users PIN no without their knowledge.


A remote control is a very useful device. It is the device used to command any operation to the consumer electronic device.  It is most commonly used for the television set, using which the television can be operated wirelessly in a short range of distance. The remote control is an electronic component device which eases the usage of any electronic device.  In short this device is commonly known as “remote” or just “controller”.

Apart from televisions remote controllers are commonly used along with stereo systems, music players, DVD players. Nowadays it is also used to control the air conditioners, CCTVs and various other electronic goods.

The first remote control was introduced in 1898 in US by Nikola Tesla.  And the first television remote control was developed in 1950 by Zenith Radio Corp. The very important invention of remote controls has led to various changes in television program modules. The commercials in between the programs had to be reduced from 30 second duration to eight to six second’s duration just to avoid the chances of the viewer changing the channel.

People nowadays are so addicted to the use of remote controls that according to a research, it has been found that an average home in America has a minimum of 4 to 5 set of remotes just to operate a home theater. This huge number of remote for a single function sometimes leads to confusion to a lame person.  This is leading to the encouragement of the use of universal remote controllers which can single handedly manage multiple devices.

The industrial usage of remote control various from controlling the pump storage power stations, substations or high voltage direct current plants where manual interaction might be considered impossible with life risk in mind. This device has become a very important part of human life.


A portable electronic device used as a means of communication is known as a mobile phone. It is also known as a cellular phone, hand phone or cell phone. The communication is possible through two-way radio signals transfer over a cellular network. A mobile phone user is allowed to make and receive calls to any fixed-line phone or to the other mobile of different network.

In addition to making and receiving calls, mobile phones also provide various applications to its users by providing services like text messaging, internet access, infrared and Bluetooth communication, gaming, e-mail, radio, MP3 player, camera, MMS messaging services and many more.

The first mobile phone was first introduced in the year 1973, which weighed approximately 2kg. Motorola was the first to provide commercial mobile phone. The users of mobile phones have been increasing ever since its discovery at a very fast pace. Around 4.6 billion people world-wide had the opportunity to make use of the mobile phones which is a very large number since the time it was first introduced.

These mobile phones are electronic gadgets which functions on the batteries. These batteries have to be recharged time to time through power supply. A few common noticeable features we find in mobile phones are input and output mechanism to allow the customer to use the phone. Output feature is usually the display screen of the mobile which can be of color screen or black and white. Another output component is the speaker through which the user can hear the person on the other side during the conversation.

Apart from these uses of the mobile phones, nowadays mobiles are used to mobile payments like mobile banking, reading e-news or mobile credit cards. The most common application apart from making and receiving calls on cell phone is SMS text messaging. The youth of today use this application to a very wide range.