Yes, You Can Fix Your Computer For Free

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Sometimes, many of us put off having computer problems repaired become of the high associated costs. However, did you know that you could solve several common computer problems for free. There are many different avenues you can find that offer free parts and software that may be able to be used to fix your.

Problems that can be fixed for no charge include virus removal, computer slowdown, hardware upgrades and replacements. Once you understand where you need to look for software and hardware solutions, you’ll soon be on your way to a working computer once again. Here are some guidelines to help you.

Look for free antivirus software. These are very popular and readily available. AVG Anti-Virus is one free version that also offers free updates. Most antivirus software will not only detect, but also remove viruses.

Instead of installing brand new, costly hardware, look for driver updates. These are especially important when upgrading from one operating system to another. You may just need to update drivers, rather than replacing non-working hardware, such as printers.

Sites such as Craigslist offer groups and listings that offer free computer components. In addition, you may find that companies in your local area are giving away computers and parts rather than adding them to the landfill.

If you have a friend or relative who can help you with hardware or software installation, don’t hesitate to ask them for assistance. You can save a lot of money on technical assistance. Just be sure not to take this help for granted.

Advantages to Using a Tablet PC

Many people are hesitant to buy a tablet PC simply because they do not think it can replace all the functions of their laptop or desktop computer. While there are some limitations, there are certainly a lot of advantages to owning a tablet; you just have to decide if this type of device meets your goals before you make the purchase. Here are some advantages to owning a tablet PC.

With laptops and desktops, you are limited to games that involve moving and clicking the mouse. With tablet PCs, gaming is taken to a whole new level because of the touch screen. Plus, the experience is better than on a smartphone because the screen is larger.

Games are easy to download too because each tablet PC has access to an App market, depending on the network it is supported by. You’ll never have to be worried about missing an online game match you wanted to compete in or not be able to access your favorite online bingo sites because you’ll have access to the internet everywhere you take your tablet PC.

People were thrilled when laptop computers became more accessible because it enabled them to bring their work wherever they went. With tablet PCs, portability is even easier because the device is smaller and weighs less. Many people carry them in their purse or even a pocket. You can bring attachments, like a USB keyboard, to give you all the functions of a standard laptop computer. Plus, tablet PC’s are fairly inexpensive compared to standard laptops.

These are just a couple of the advantages to owning a tablet PC.

For the Love of Bingo

Bingo, the game that is appropriate for all ages is played in schoolrooms and church basements around America. Found at parties of all kinds, it is always a crowd pleaser.

What draws people to this game? It is easy to understand because it is appropriate for almost all ages and is adaptable to any situation. There are many reasons people enjoy and are drawn to bingo. Some people are captivated by the entertainment, friendship with fellow players, and prizes. Whatever the reason for its popularity, many people look forward to their weekly bingo meetings or the various online bingo sites they frequent, and wait impatiently for them to arrive. They may even have strategies for choosing the bingo game they’ll join each week.

For those who simply can’t wait for their next chance to play bingo in person, there is the option to play bingo online anytime. All the same benefits of traditional bingo can be achieved online, but there is the added benefit of playing anytime and anywhere you have Internet access. Online bingo sites are available around the clock, unlike traditional, in-person venues that offer the game. After a long day at the office, you can put on your pajamas and grab your laptop for a good game of bingo. Many of these sites also have the option of using chat rooms, so you can make new friends and have some good conversations. What will be missing are the lively crowds around you and the rush to claim your prize at the end of the game. Both the traditional and online bongo games have their fans, and some people love both.

Reboot or Reinstall

The average person does not maintain his or her PC properly. Most people download applications and tools not realizing some of the things they download may cause problems in the future. Many times programs conflict with each other and will cause applications to malfunction or not work properly. This creates many frustrating problems the average PC user is unable to deal with or fix. The frustration and fear the computer is ruined makes it difficult for a person to think clearly. Most people generally panic at the first sign of computer trouble.

The first time you have trouble, you should simply attempt to reboot. Often, rebooting will solve the issue. However, once you notice a problem, you want to make sure you back-up all your files. While rebooting may work, you want to make sure if there is a more serious issue, you have all your files saved on an external device. Back-ups should be done on a regular basis to avoid losing information.

If rebooting does not resolve the issue, you may want to consider reinstalling the application that seems to be giving you a problem. You can uninstall the program in the add/remove program manager. Once you have uninstalled the program, you can restart your computer to see if the problem is resolved. If the problem is not resolved, another program may be causing the problem. If it is resolved, you can simply reinstall the program.

Keep in mind; if you are experiencing difficulty with Windows, reinstalling will cause you to lose the information on your computer. You will want to back-up all the information you have on your computer. Before taking this step, you will want to make sure additional applications are not the root cause.

Downloading programs you are unfamiliar with usually are the cause of most problems. Many of the free tools that are offered may cause a host of problems on your computer. If you download an application and you notice you are having problems running other applications, simply remove the application you downloaded.

At the first sign of trouble, remember to reboot.

Free Anti-Virus Software

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Computer viruses are a common problem. Unfortunately, many people still do not protect their PCs with anti-virus software. Many people will let their subscriptions expire due to the price. However, the damage to your PC may be far costlier than most reputable anti-virus programs. These days money is tight for millions of people in this troubling economy. When money is tight and the bills need to be paid, the last thing a person thinks about is paying for an anti-virus program. The good news is you can still protect your PC with free anti-virus software. It may not be the best software; however, it is better than no protection at all.

Avira AntiVir offers free anti-virus protection with its Personal Edition. The free Personal Edition software will protect your PC against viruses and spyware. However, it does not scan e-mail. If you open an email, you will not get a message indicating the email is infected with a virus. Although, if you open the email and it does contain a virus, the program will detect it. The paid version of the program offers full protection. If you are looking for free software, make sure you are choosing the Personal Edition.

The Security Essentials software by Microsoft is another good free option. It has a decent detection rate and is efficient in detecting malware. The software program is simple to use and it provides basic security features. The software requires that you have an authentic copy of Windows installed or it will not work. The software does have a low speed scan rate and takes a great deal of time to detect malware and quarantine it. Security Essentials by Microsoft is much better than not having any protection at all.

A popular free anti-virus software that is comparable to many popular programs is Avast. The software can be used in conjunction with another software program that you may be using. It provides good detection rates and you can run scans on-demand. The free software does offer more features than many of the free programs available.

The free alternatives for anti-virus protection will provide at least minimal protection for your PC.

External Hard Drive Needs of the Home Office


It is the sudden horror happening on your monitor — you watch as a virus is wreaking irreparable havoc with information being snatched from your system. Documents are erased and images are taken. Your computer is being reduced to an empty shell, with you only able to watch. Malware somehow crept through the wires and it’s now activated, stealing documents and music files. Your digital life is under attack and you can only cry, even as you’re glad you at least remembered to store all business data on an external hard drive.

The necessity of external hard drives cannot be disputed in this age of Trojan codes and dangerous sources. A computer can become overwhelmed by a virus with shocking ease; and all platforms can be undone, their contents all lost. For those who work from home this is a great threat — budgets, profits and client lists are all on the system and if they are compromised, a company is compromised.

It is essential therefore that all private information be stored on an external hard  drive. These are the most important tools a home-based entrepreneur can have, and the Western Digital WD provides one of the best options.

Offered first in late 2009, the Western Digital WD has managed to remain among the top-selling external sources (despite the arrival of more current competitors), and the reasons are obvious. It features more than two terabytes of storage, a 2.0 user interface, 480 megabytes of data transfer per second and compatibility with all major systems (though Windows XP and MAC OS X incarnations are required). This, coupled with an affordable cost of only $120, ensures that it is the best choice for any home business. The product is secure, quick and budget friendly.

The need for an external hard drive cannot be denied as a way to protect data from virus concerns. Choosing the Western Digital WD, however, will make that task a much simpler thing.

Ways for Improving your Site

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People who own websites seem to always be looking for way to improve them. You may want to add a customer satisfaction survey to the homepage to allow customers to give you a feedback on the service that they received. Online surveys allow you to place up to two questions to complete your customer satisfaction survey. However, another way for you to place a customer satisfaction survey on your webpage is by using an HTML form builder. The form builder will allow you to create a customer satisfaction survey, so when your customers come to your page, they will be able to answer the questions that you created. You will be able to receive the answers that you have been looking for to improve your business.

If you are not familiar with Hypertext Markup Language or HTML, it is a set up of markup tags for a webpage. The tags are enclosed with brackets with an opening and an end. For example, a tag will have in the opening and again at the end. When you put HTML documents on your site, the tags are not shown. The only thing that shows is the content. You can improve your site by finding better looking HTML tags. You can also find a lot of free HTML tags online.

Keep in mind, some customers may not want to spend a lot of time filling out online surveys. In order to get their attention, you may want to give them a reward for filling it out, such as offering them 10 percent off their next purchase. Everyone wants to save money, so they may be willing to fill the survey out. Read all of the feedback that you receive and make any necessary changes to make your business more successful.

Are iPads Good for Business?

Everybody knows why we buy iPads. It’s because when Steve Jobs holds up a piece of electronic equipment, we are all conditioned to buy it at our earliest opportunity. Well, that and the fact that he just happens to make some of the coolest electronic devices known to man. The iPad is just the latest in a long line of neat and sweet little gadgets that have changed the way we view the gizmos that we carry around with us. It can store all sorts of neat apps for blasting aliens, rescuing princesses, and maneuvering abstract objects on quests to obtain other abstract objects. It also has tons of games, too.

But are we nothing more than game playing robots who buy technologies like the iPad out of a compulsion to play games on some kind of hardware device? Are there any truly great applications that one can use, in order to justify purchasing the iPad instead of a tablet PC or even just a basic, old fashioned laptop? There are, in fact. Some good applications that you might consider having in your iPad are “video converter for iPad” that allows you to convert xvid videos so that they could be played on iPad, “iWorks” that is similar to Open Office for word processing and spreadsheets tasks, VLC which is the best media player that you could have in your iPad, filezilla FTP client to access to FTP servers and file transfers and Ares which is a P2P network to allow you to share digital media and files over a virtual file sharing network.

In some cases, there are many other truly useful programs that one can download and install onto the iPad, which will allow them to build spreadsheets, track information relative to accounts (such as at doctor’s offices), and manage small details no matter where you are. In essence, the iPad is the iPhone’s big, uncommunicative brother.

So if you are thinking seriously about going out and buying an iPad, you might want to consider what you are actually going to use it for. If you just want to play games, why not just get a PSP or a DS, which specialize in things of that nature? If you want a lovely game playing device that you can justify on your expense account, however, the iPad might be just the “I’m basically an adult, but here’s a shout out to my inner child” kind of gizmo. The ability to both work and play is wonderful.