A computer is a machine which receives orders, stores, by design manipulates it and provides output in useful manner. The very first computer was made in 20th century. It was as large as a room and used electrical supply of hundred modern personal computers.

Computer is the highly technical machine of the modern world and the most useful machine too. Now we have lots of variety of computers like Personal computer, laptop, palmtop and supercomputer. All the credit of our highly technical world goes to computer, but then also it has many disadvantages.

Computers have made us so lazy, that now we don’t use books to read or research something by going to book library. By just typing few words on net we get our answer. Sitting for a long time in front of computer cause many health disorders like repetitive strain disorders, carpal tunnel syndrome, headache, eye strain and back pain.

Playing games and online chatting affects the physical growth of a child because of lack of interest in exercise and outdoor games. Sitting on computer for a long time can cause depression and anti-social behavior. Internet technology has become very important in all the fields and this is all because of computer. Due to computer, children and teenagers are getting indulged in pornography and sex material. This would divert there mind from studies and career making. This also increases cyber crime and nothing is fully secured on internet. And this cause lack of privacy in internet users.

Along with revolutionizing the industries and various businesses, computers have been the main cause for unemployment all over the world. That is because computers can handle many tasks at a time which overtake many jobs. This also works as a storage device which ends up creating lot of problem like data loss, memory corrupt and disk crash in worst cases. So we can’t trust and rely on such electrical devices completely.

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