Projecting Keyboards Anywhere

The technology to project a keyboard onto any flat surface has come around the bend, and will soon be finding its way to all the nerdy (read: technologically obsessed) people you know who can afford to buy completely silly things. Using a series of lasers, the keyboard can be projected onto literally anything that is flat (which could theoretically include water). And using a set of integrated infrared sensors, the “keys” you press register with the computer the device is attached to, and are counted as having been pressed. Yes, you can finally live out the childhood dream of typing up your P and L statement while wading in a lake. Tom Sawyer’s dreams of a world without being bound to a desk have finally been realized.

However, there are some problems behind all of the hype that this technology is receiving of late. One of those problems is, how reliable is this technology, anyway? Just like anything new, there are bound to be a few bugs that the overly excited engineers who originally worked on this development simply did not catch during the beta stages of testing. With that being the case, is it possible to repair a piece of technology such as this one? And if it isn’t, how many of any given store’s sales will end in returns, as people’s virtual keys become virtually jammed down?

Another thing that we are going to need to contend with is the ultimate functionality of this device. While current models may be jammed into a pocket (or will fit handsomely into a large coat pocket), what about the devices we are going to use them with? The concept of an immensely portable keyboard is not a new one in the least. It has simply never caught on beyond its initial novelty. Where do people actually plan to type out entire reports on their iPhones, anyway? It’s hard to imagine an appropriate situation for this device.

We do Need Portability

We have arrived, friends and countrymen! Now is the time when the world is as much within our grasp as it has ever been before. We have the world in our hot little hands, every time we pick up our little smart phones, tablets, Kindles and iPads, and only a fool would put them down, considering all that they can do for us. Or perhaps one could say, all that they allow us to actually do. You might not remember how the world used to be, before everything went so portable. Let it be heard from a solemn voice of the ages- there was suffering, friends. And it was a dire, helpless sort of suffering, borne from a belief that the world was flying out of our collective hands.

Then one day, a man named Prometheus (or perhaps his name was Jobs) came about, claiming that he had ascended Mount Olympus and plucked from the hands of the very gods themselves a new form of productivity devices. No longer would we be tethered to the walls, as if we were glued to urinals in the pursuit of our necessary functions. Now we could be as free as the critters who do what they much wherever they may- freedom has become the new paradigm for us all. And that day was truly good.

Unfortunately, these days the novelty has worn off, and we are all just that much more ADHD because anything we may want or need has been unbelievably accessible to us all, right now. There will undoubtedly come a time when teenagers interrupt making out, just to check their Facebook (and update their status on the latest moment of lip-locked bliss), and where meetings no longer involve going anywhere. Perhaps the ultimate irony of a truly portable world is that it will allow everyone who lives in it to avoid having to go anywhere at all. That would be truly weird, thinking about it.