Three Useful Things You Can Do with an iPad

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The iPad is an interesting new gadget. However, many are discovering once the novelty wears off; it is not very useful. The hype surrounding the iPad had many consumers running out and buying one. Most did not consider it was not as useful as their current laptops. The iPad is slightly more functional than a typical cell phone. This has left many people wondering what they will do with their iPad.

The iPad is a useful tool for photographers. It is a wonderful way to create an electronic portfolio of your work. Customers will enjoy flipping through your portfolio on your iPad. This digital version of your portfolio is much easier to carry around with you as you are meeting new clients. You can display thousands of your best photos and separate them in categories. If you have a client interested in nature photos, you can easily pull up the nature category and display all the related photos.

If you love reading eBooks, you can use your iPad to store your favorite books. You do not have to worry about purchasing an eBook reader such as the kindle. The iPad is great for reading eBooks. If you have to wait in line or have a long wait in the doctor’s office, you can pull out your iPad and read. This will certainly help the time to pass quickly.

For those that have a long commute to work by bus or train, the iPad is ideal. You can download your favorite TV shows or movies and watch them on your way to work. Put on a pair of headsets and the commute will fly by. You will also tune out all the other commuters that may be chatting endlessly.

The iPad is not convenient for doing work. However, it does provide a wonderful distraction if you find yourself waiting in a long line or waiting for your bus.

Apple iPhone 3GSpeed

The iPhone has always been, like pretty much everything Steve Jobs creates, a combination of the highest technology available to normal people and a certain heavily accessible streak. The iPhone 3GS (and yes, the S seriously stands for “speed”) is no exception to this rule. It offers all kinds of great technology, along with the Apple tradition of bringing it into the reach of the common person. Using the unique software (and the hardware that Apple updated because of so many user complaints), you can can take both impressive photos and gorgeous (okay, pretty decent amateur) videos with this bad boy. You even have a few features that were never available to most people before, such as remote wiping (which isn’t as nasty as it sounds).

Have you ever had a phone be lost or stolen before? If you have, you are no doubt aware that your information can be used against you in all sorts of nasty ways. However, the iPhone 3GS allows you to wipe the phone’s memory from a distance. Not too long ago, one had to be a business to gain access to a capability like that. But now it’s available to everybody, even if you aren’t a megacorporation with all kinds of fancy connections. Who says only the rich are able to get richer?

Do you like to take pictures? Well, if you do you’ll appreciate the new iPhone has a 3 megapixel camera on it. A lot of users did not appreciate only having 2 to work with in the prior incarnation. Another sweet feature you will probably notice is that the Tap to Focus software has been improved considerably, which may make your pics a bit better. Also, with the video camera editing software, you can post all of your friends failing epically in videos with just the right amount of slow motion, repetition and amusing theme music. You can listen with the stereo bluetooth option it features.

The iPhone 4: Wow

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Apple just does not do anything halfway, do they? When Apple says they are coming out with a great new piece of technology, they come out with a bang, even when Mr. Jobs steps off the stage to the roaring applause of people he has made rich. And the iPhone 4 is no exception to this universal rule. It boasts the most impressive screen to ever be featured on a phone, as well as a host of other high end features. Simply put, there is absolutely no other phone on the market today which can compare to what Apple has produced this time. But of course, this is the kind of article where it will probably be true ten years from now, if we just change it to the iPhone 20, or something.

Most phones these days have a camera on them. Some high end phones have 3 megapixels or more in resolution. Well, this is the iPhone, so it has two cameras. And one of those cameras is not only 5 megapixels (that’s 5 million pixels, or a pretty big image). It also have a 5x digital zoom. So it doesn’t really matter how much you want to see of the image- it will enter the camera at a quality level that could be used as evidence very easily. But that isn’t all.

Once you have an image on the iPhone 4, you can see it better than any camera on planet Earth. With a set of pixels 78 microns wide, they squeezed in 326 pixels per inch on this bad boy’s screen. If you want to see something and it’s there, you will see it (unless you’re blind, or have your eyes closed). Couple that with the fact that you can now video call people (which could be bad if you just got out of the shower or something), and the iPhone 4 is the best thing to ever happen to smartphones today.