Do you Carry a Torch?

This latest entry into the pantheon of Blackberries (the Torch 9800) is a little on the lacking side, for what it is. It isn’t as powerful as the Focus or the iPhone (either of them), and it doesn’t even rock as lovely a display or as big of a hard drive, either. What it does have in spades is… well, nothing, really. The battery is not really what most people want in a smartphone these days, as it just does not last all that long. Maybe if you were able to get one for free this would be a good deal. But in its current form, most of what this new Blackberry has going for it is the fact that it looks very nice- never underestimate the power of eye candy.

There is just something about phones where a set of buttons pop out of the bottom. It is almost like watching a very short magic show, when the keys come out and you can just type away. The Blackberry features a full QWERTY keyboard (albeit a rather small one), so you won’t ever have any problem finding which key you want, if you are used to typing normally. So when you whip out your Blackberry (because you know you’ll buy one just because it looks good) and the keyboard swings out, people are going to marvel at it. And they will also marvel at how easily you can browse the Net and read e-mails, because of the pinch zooming capabilities the Blackberry brings to bear. If you like easy navigation, this might actually be the smartphone for you, in spite of its limitations. Although it might be nicer if they’d dropped the trackpad.

Of course, this is not really the phone for long conversations. At 330 minutes of talking time or 432 hours of idle time, it’s okay. But it doesn’t compare to most of the other smart phones out on the market today.