Bluetooth technology is used for data exchange in between two devices over a short range of distance using wireless technology. It creates a personal area network during the data exchange. This is considered to be a revolutionary technology when it comes to data transferring because it completely avoids the use of data cables. It can also enable connection between more than two devices.

Bluetooth technology was brain child of two scientists Sven and J.Haartsen in 1994 in Sweden.It transfers data from one device to another by converting the data in small packets of information. Hence the protocol is known as Packet based protocol. Bluetooth provides information exchange facility to devices like laptops, faxes, cell phones, fixed line phones, printers, and cameras.

Even during data exchange between two mobile devices, the user still has the option to keep the information secure and private. While the data has to be transferred the user can accept or reject the request whether to allow the other person to grant permission to access his/her data or not.

This technology is most of the time free of cost to access. The user need not pay extra charge for the data transfer that he does.

Few things that users might need to pay attention while using this technology is a drawback called bluejacking. It is usually transferring an image or text message to an ignorant user through this technology. It might include hampering the data in our mobile devices. It might also include transferring viruses into our device. Hence the users were alerted to disable their Bluetooth when not in use or when not required.

Statistics reported that how easy it was for the spread of the Bluetooth worm or virus. And it is also known that the devices use up more battery power when the Bluetooth is enabled all trough out the day. It might also result in slowing down the internet when it used through Bluetooth.


A portable electronic device used as a means of communication is known as a mobile phone. It is also known as a cellular phone, hand phone or cell phone. The communication is possible through two-way radio signals transfer over a cellular network. A mobile phone user is allowed to make and receive calls to any fixed-line phone or to the other mobile of different network.

In addition to making and receiving calls, mobile phones also provide various applications to its users by providing services like text messaging, internet access, infrared and Bluetooth communication, gaming, e-mail, radio, MP3 player, camera, MMS messaging services and many more.

The first mobile phone was first introduced in the year 1973, which weighed approximately 2kg. Motorola was the first to provide commercial mobile phone. The users of mobile phones have been increasing ever since its discovery at a very fast pace. Around 4.6 billion people world-wide had the opportunity to make use of the mobile phones which is a very large number since the time it was first introduced.

These mobile phones are electronic gadgets which functions on the batteries. These batteries have to be recharged time to time through power supply. A few common noticeable features we find in mobile phones are input and output mechanism to allow the customer to use the phone. Output feature is usually the display screen of the mobile which can be of color screen or black and white. Another output component is the speaker through which the user can hear the person on the other side during the conversation.

Apart from these uses of the mobile phones, nowadays mobiles are used to mobile payments like mobile banking, reading e-news or mobile credit cards. The most common application apart from making and receiving calls on cell phone is SMS text messaging. The youth of today use this application to a very wide range.