Droid X: What a Beauty

Droid X replacing my iPhone 3GS
Image by craig1black via Flickr

If you don’t like multimedia functions, the Droid X might not be your cup of tea. It has some incredible camera modes (and a really sweet camera to use them with), and also features a really great display. Couple this with the fact that the Droid X can actually function as a wireless hotspot, and you have a very solid multimedia offering that can also be put to great use as a business tool. Of course, even while you say that, you know the main reason you want this phone is because it looks gorgeous and performs its various duties to the same degree of magnificence that one would expect out of a thoroughbred race horse. But whatever the reason, this pretty piece of technology is incredible.

Most of the Droid X is slim and trim, as you would expect from a Droid. But there is one little hump in the back, which gives it character. You notice the hump, but it doesn’t hurt your enjoyment any. This hump allows the 8 megapixel camera to function- it’s not a tiny piece of technology. It also features an HD video camera, which allows it to record incredible videos. There is even a little bonus to the camera’s software, which causes it to recognize and focus in on faces, so you won’t accidentally get a blurry face and a very clear shirt.

The Droid X can function as a wireless hotspot. While all smartphones can get on the Internet on their own, the Droid X is unique in that it can also become a wireless transmitter and receiver for other wireless devices (such as a laptop), and facilitate the Internet for them, as well. This more than makes up for the fact that the Droid does not have its own internal keyboard. Who needs a keyboard on your phone, when you can just get out your laptop and type up whatever it is you want to write?