Latest Developments in the Technology Industry

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Latest developments in the technology industry have included an increase in education software and support. Since smart phones are here to stay, and they’re priced competitively enough to make them accessible to students, schools are starting to embrace them as learning devices.

Turning a Common Problem into a Solution

Until recently, the cell phone was considered a school discipline problem. Campuses could ban them in the classroom, but kids would still figure out how to use them. Today, wise school districts are seeing the potential of the mobile devices as a positive technology trend in learning. With options like the Cricket blackberry, schools can actually give phones to those kids who can’t afford one. On a pay as you go basis, the school would only be obligated while the phone was in use.

Apps Become Easy Fixes for Bored Students

There’s always a kid or two who just can’t get into school. That same kid is as hungry as the next to embrace technology. As learning software companies begin to introduce learning apps into the education industry, teachers will be able to engage kids more effectively by requiring that quizzes or exercises be done on their smart phones. Short attention span is one of today’s common problems, so mobile learning is a welcomed technological trend.

For educators who worry that the smart phones will be disruptive, a few tips and tricks would be:

  • Take the phones up during lecture time
  • Block unwanted websites
  • Make sure students know it’s a privilege to be on the cutting-edge of technology in the classroom

Most kids will gladly follow the rules if it means learning in a new and exciting way.

Online Degrees – Importance of Networking

how to network effectively. Networking allows individuals to establish connections that can be potentially rewarding. For instance, an online graduate could become a member of a professional organization, where a position might materialize. Networking is a must for online graduates.

For some reason, there are those that believe it is impossible to network with an online education. However, that is not true. Those with an online education can utilize the connections that they make while in school. Learning how to network can carry this skill well past one’s formal education. Extending this will reap the rewards of networking.

In addition, online students receive a very valuable support system: their school. Such as the institutions seen on, many colleges, universities, and online institutions provide resources for their students. In many cases, students and graduates are able to locate leads, such as for positions or professional membership opportunities.

The online graduate will in time learn to use the skills that he or she gained. The Internet allows individuals to build their own brand and to get the area of expertise to the right people. From the skills gained in school to those that are continued past graduation, online students and graduates are certainly not at a disadvantage in terms of networking.

With the right steps, networking is not impossible for online students and graduates. It can actually become a strength for such individuals, due to the support systems and opportunities that are found on the Internet.