Sending and Receiving Fax Messages Using Androids Phones

Picture this scene: you’re on vacation. Summer breeze, swaying palm trees, soothing sunshine, cool Caribbean waters — it’s paradise.

And then your cell phone rings. It’s your boss.

Remember how you took your briefcase to Aruba so you can get some work done on the plane? You also left some very important paperwork in that briefcase — and your boss is not happy about it. She tells you to fax it over – now.

“Sure thing,” you tell her.

You don’t panic about the lack of fax machine at your family hotel. You don’t strike out on the town in search of a fax machine. You’re golden…because you know you can send and receive fax messages using your Android phone.

Sending Faxes on Your Android Phone

John Watson via Flickr

Thanks to email fax services and Android apps, you can send a fax directly from your Android phone. File storage apps aren’t just useful for maintaining access to your files no matter where you are: some storage apps can also fax your files for you. Just enter in the fax number, choose your document, and send it off to the recipient. No fax machine needed.

Other Handy Uses for Your Android Phone While On Vacation

  1. Need to check your bank account while you’re out or on vacation? Mobile banking apps can help you manage your funds no matter where you are.
  2. Where should we go to dinner? Easily answer that question with the many food/travel review and restaurant finder apps accessible on your phone. Alternatively, use professional restaurant review sites (such as Zagat) to find critics’ picks in your area.
  3. Keep track of your flight status (including delays and cancellations) via airline-tracking apps such as Flight Track. These apps update flight statuses and changes in real-time, so you’ll be the first to know of any changes.
  4. Your vacation is a special time: you don’t want to forget a single thing. Keep track of everything with vacation note-taking  apps like Trip Journal. You can take pictures, write notes, save itineraries — whatever you want to do to remember your trip. You can also post vacation updates directly to social networks on your phone, so your family and friends can keep tabs on your vacation adventures.

Who needs a laptop? From sending and receiving faxes to finding a great restaurant, your Android is probably the handiest gadget imaginable to have on a vacation. Unplug the rest and get back to what’s really important: sunbathing, swimming, sleeping and — most importantly — relaxing. Feels good, doesn’t it?