Casino Apps and the Sharp Growth of Online Gambling

Modern technology has changed the way people live, how they use their leisure time, and how they communicate with each other. Not surprisingly, it also had a huge impact on the methods used for gambling and placing bets. Everyone can now gamble from their home through a myriad of gambling websites and applications that they can visit through their computer or mobile phones.

Due to these technological advancements, the gambling industry has started to earn much more profit than it did before. Gambling companies that welcomed this change also experienced a huge growth in their client base, which in turn increased their annual business revenue.

Coming to Terms with Mobile Betting

In 2010, Ireland’s largest and most successful bookmarker reported that 55% of their regular clients already own a smartphone. The company also mentioned that almost 33% of their customers get access to their services through their mobile phones. In 2011, its mobile users increased to 120,000 due to the development of advanced gambling apps for iPhones, tablet computers, and Android phones.

Betfair, another company that offers online betting services, also prospered from mobile use in the past year. Over 160,000 of its customers placed their bets from their mobile phones, and their annual revenue increased by 88% in the same financial year. These figures suggest that the development of new figures for betting is directly related to the explosive growth of online gambling.

The Beauty of Mobile Betting

While betting at land-based casinos is not legal in some countries, just about all countries allow individuals above eighteen years of age to place bets in gambling websites. From poker to roulette and other casino games, gambling websites can provide you with an impressive simulation of a real-life casino. Most of them also offer welcome bonuses and other promos that land-based casinos fail to offer.

As technology continues to evolve, people can expect to witness changes in the way they satisfy their urge to take risks through gambling. The sharp growth of online gambling is indeed inevitable now that speedy and user-friendly gambling applications are already available to the public.

Serious Players Choose Online

There is a popular phrase often attributed to Benjamin Franklin that states, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” But what about a penny won? Gambling adds the thrill of winning to that equation. Sitting at a desk job for years might be the socially acceptable manner to earn a living, but it does not offer the same thrills as placing a bet and having it paid out.

The allure of gambling is understandable. Quick and easy money is interlocked with the American dream. Gambling was one of the first industries to flourish as pioneers traveled west. Card games and one-armed bandits put a tiny desert outpost known as Las Vegas on the map and turned it into a globally recognized destination. For gamblers with time and money a trip to Vegas is hard to beat. Vegas can offer a warm climate and entertainment for nearly every audience, but for a group of gamblers looking for easy access to pure gambling, they can also consider playing online.

Online gambling is becoming increasingly popular. The new graphics and technology make the games feel less like playing on a laptop than sitting at a table in Vegas. Playing casino games online provides gamblers with an easy way to play. Rather than spending money on travel expenses or on a hotel room, gamblers can hedge their bets and improve their chances of winning big by playing games online.

The advantages of playing online are many, but the best thing about gambling online is that it offers players with the chance to play whenever they want. There is always a game at an online casino, which lets players gamble at their leisure. Rather than wasting money on a trip, serious gamblers can play at world class casinos by simply logging into their online accounts. Serious players will include online gambling as part of their playing portfolio.