Do you Desire an HTC?

HTC Desire
Image via Wikipedia

If you are all about the bells and whistles that most smartphones promise, the HTC Desire might not impress you all that much. But if, however, you want a great phone that has some neat applications to it, you might find that little hottie is worth the time to woo. You can download files from your company directory, which ought to save you a lot of time. The display on the Desire is almost as big as that of the Droid X (and definitely bigger than that of the iPhone 4). And in addition to being extremely fast, it also features a decent QWERTY keyboard (albeit with only four levels of keys) that pops right out of the bottom.

HTC Sense is a great little component of the Desire which allows you to share and download various bits of information from directories. If your company directory has contacts you need to download, you can do so immediately. As well, calendar events are a breeze to take down, without having to manually key enter anything. And when you couple that with the ability to download e-mails, images and videos, you have a very robust resource for keeping things firmly together in your day to day life. You can even switch out between different applications (such as the Internet, e-mail and your contact list) just by pinching the screen (it isn’t sexual harassment, because it’s your phone).

However, the Desire is not a perfect device, even with its Snapdragon processor. There is the issue that the keyboard is a little on the smallish side, which can complicate typing up lengthy messages. If you are used to a regular keyboard’s 3 rows, the 4 can throw you off a little bit, as well. Another issue is the complete lack of video calling, something a lot of smartphone users have grown accustomed to having in the same way as we expect indoor plumbing. But the Desire is still nice.