4G Networks: Almost There

If you have seen phones such as the HTC EVO 4G, you have no doubt noticed that 3G is the industry standard right now. But just like out houses and black and white TVs with rabbit ear antennas, industry standards in smart phones have been changing rapidly lately. For one thing, this 4G stuff is slowly but certainly beginning to take over our nation. And unlike a terrorist plot or a James Bond villain, this is going to be successful and good for us in the end. Of course, it isn’t exactly moving along at a brisk pace- changes can be very slow, and unless you are a part of a major metropolitan area that has 4G, this is something of a tease for the time being.

The world is changing in a lot of neat ways. Among these ways is our ability to find all kinds of powerful functions online, using nothing but our phones. 3G has exposed us to a lot of Internet functionality, like the ability to send messages in all sorts of ways, and play more games than you could master in a lifetime. But with 4G, we will have even more of what we like. The Internet is getting faster for phone users- no longer do you have to wait five whole seconds for your site to load, like something out of the early 90s! You want it now!

And we can all sit on the edge of our seats, thinking about how great it will be when 4G finally reaches all across the country. For right this second, it’s a little bit of a pipe dream, since most of the country is not yet bathed in the warm and wonderful glow of 4G. For the time being, we must all bide our time with 3G, hoping for our beloved upgrade to come and lift us out of this relatively primitive lifestyle we are still forced to lead right now.