Touch Screen Technology May Not Be a Good Thing

Cell phones with touch screens are very popular. Now, touch screens are available for computers and televisions. While these screens may seem like a good idea, you need only look at your cell phone screen to realize it may not be such a good idea after all.

If you look at your cell phone screen, you will see that it is grimy and full of fingerprints. It is almost impossible to keep the touch screen on a cell phone clean. Many people carry a cloth around to wipe the screen clean constantly.

Now imagine how your touch screen will look on your computer or television.

The natural oils on your fingers will leave annoying fingerprints each time you touch the screen. Every time you use your computer or television, you will have to wipe off the fingerprints. Often, the fingerprints are stubborn and will smear instead of disappearing.

Many people eat while they are working on their computers. The keyboard gets dirty enough and with touch screens, the screen will get as dirty as the keyboard. Imagine touch your screen while you are eating fried chicken or pizza. Your touch screen will eventually develop an oil slick.

Touch screen technology may appear to be a great idea at the moment; however, it will surely contribute to the development of an obsessive-compulsive disorder in the future. The constant wiping of screens will be the norm for millions of people.

It makes one wonder why a touch screen television is a good idea. The average person will not buy a television that does not include a remote control. Very few people will want to get up and touch their television screen. If they do, they will quickly become annoyed by the greasy fingerprint marks.

It appears that touch screens will be more of a nuisance than a convenience.


A touch screen is basically an electronic display of any electronic device which has the ability to identify the pressure and position of a stroke within the energetic area and interconnect with the users command by a nail, stylus or finger.
“Touch Sensor” was primarily designed and developed in 1971 by Dr. Sam. H during his term as an instructor in Kentucky University. Unlike the latest touch screens the elograph was not transparent.

Among the technologies of touchscreen there are 3 segments.
A thin metallic layer which is resistive and conductive electrically coated over a panel of a resistive screen causes a small variation in the electrical pulses which records the event of touch and transferred to the controller for further processing of the pulses.

Ultra sonic waves are used by the wave technology of surface accousticity passes over to the panel of the touch screen. When the panel is touched, a section of the wave signal is captivated, causing an alteration in the signal. The recorded event of touch is sent across to the controller.

The panel of touch screen with capacitiveness is layered with a substance that stores charges, which when touched; a minute amount of electric charge is derived at contact point. Circuits positioned at every corner of the panel records the charge and transmit the data for further processing to the controller. These touchscreen panels must be used by using the finger only.

Apart from these three types of touchscreens there are a few latest technologies. Like for example projected and surface, self, mutual capacitance, dispersive signal technology, optical imaging, infrared sensing, and acoustic pulse recognition.
When the user interacts with the panel, the system determines the variation in the current that streams through the display. Touch screens are very  widely used in many fields of applications. The Apple iPhone uses this technology. Many ATM machines use older version of this technology.

Apple iPhone 3GSpeed

The iPhone has always been, like pretty much everything Steve Jobs creates, a combination of the highest technology available to normal people and a certain heavily accessible streak. The iPhone 3GS (and yes, the S seriously stands for “speed”) is no exception to this rule. It offers all kinds of great technology, along with the Apple tradition of bringing it into the reach of the common person. Using the unique software (and the hardware that Apple updated because of so many user complaints), you can can take both impressive photos and gorgeous (okay, pretty decent amateur) videos with this bad boy. You even have a few features that were never available to most people before, such as remote wiping (which isn’t as nasty as it sounds).

Have you ever had a phone be lost or stolen before? If you have, you are no doubt aware that your information can be used against you in all sorts of nasty ways. However, the iPhone 3GS allows you to wipe the phone’s memory from a distance. Not too long ago, one had to be a business to gain access to a capability like that. But now it’s available to everybody, even if you aren’t a megacorporation with all kinds of fancy connections. Who says only the rich are able to get richer?

Do you like to take pictures? Well, if you do you’ll appreciate the new iPhone has a 3 megapixel camera on it. A lot of users did not appreciate only having 2 to work with in the prior incarnation. Another sweet feature you will probably notice is that the Tap to Focus software has been improved considerably, which may make your pics a bit better. Also, with the video camera editing software, you can post all of your friends failing epically in videos with just the right amount of slow motion, repetition and amusing theme music. You can listen with the stereo bluetooth option it features.

LG Quantum: a Little Behind the Times

Microsoft has been hungrily pursuing the smartphone market for years now. And with the introduction of its Phone 7 operating system, they have made some impressive strides. They have also done some unifying to the phones they are used in, since Phone 7 has some particular system requirements (such as a 5 megapixel camera). However, the LG Quantum still seems to be something of a step backward, or at the best, too short of a step forward to be genuinely competitive with the iPhones, Droids and Blackberries of the modern world. Keep in mind that for people who use the term today, “the modern world” may indicate a condition which has only existed for a few months of time. Time isn’t marching on so much as sprinting on.

The Quantum’s screen is 3.5 inches, which is good… but nothing special. As well, the fold out QWERTY keyboard is nice to have, and the overall bulk of the phone makes typing on the keyboard more stable. Of course, if you enjoy a phone that will fit into the pocket of your tightest jeans, this could be a problem. And if you have been secretly longing to use the dvorak keyboard, you will be out of luck with this physical keyboard. There is also no capability to install additional memory, although 16GB should be enough for most people. And the speakerphone is a little on the quiet side, as well.

Overall, the Quantum is a decent little phone. One would be hard pressed to knock it in any respect. It is a solid performer with reasonable features. It just seems as though Microsoft does not realize that its days on the cutting edge of things have faded, and is deluding itself into believing that technology from two or three years ago is still the best the consumer can get. In this world, people have largely found that they can do a lot better. Now ante up, Microsoft.

Droid Incredible: Yeah, it Really Is

If you have been thinking of picking up a new smartphone (and really, who isn’t?), the Droid Incredible might be a good option for you. It has one flaw in its rather anemic battery life, but other than that it is a truly solid entry into the smartphone war that is raging across our modern world. The design is a trifle on the clunky side, and even though the camera is nice it is hardly a world beater. Overall, though, the Droid Incredible is a very solid, great piece of technology, in spite of the fact that there are a few issues related to general convenience and battery life. Just be advised that if you want fast, the Incredible will give you fast in abundance.

The Incredible gives you a decent amount of talking time, at 5 hours. This is pretty good, unless you really like to talk and hate to tether yourself to a wall to charge up while you do so. However, the Incredible falls well short of everybody else in the smartphone pack when you check out its standby time- 146 hours. Even the iPhone, with all of its fancy features, dwarfs the Incredible’s idle battery time. There is also the small issue of one feature (the built in FM radio) requiring headphones to listen to. If you can overcome these two problems (and the fact that the phone does feel a little odd in the hand) and still defend the Incredible, it might be the one for you.

The Incredible features Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor, which is one of the fastest in smartphones today. If you want something done quickly, you will not be disappointed. Also, you can install up to a 32GB sdcard, so as to take the Incredible’s level of memory into the stratosphere. You either need a lot of music, a lot of videos or a whole lot of friends’ numbers to need that much storage space on there.

The Samsung Focus: Pretty Sweet

Microsoft’s Phone 7 operating system is changing the way people use their smartphones. While every smartphone that comes out today has a lot of impressive features (and having a gorgeous screen is just the price of admission), Microsoft has seriously outdone itself in this regard. As well as featuring the new hub feature (which organizes everything around certain topics), you also have the ability to create and edit word and excel documents right on your phone. Couple that with the ability to edit and view powerpoint presentations, and you have a serious contender here. While the hardware is not quite at the iPhone level, the overall package on the software side is truly a thing of beauty, no matter how you slice it.

If you have never heard of the Office Hub, you will soon enough. And then you will inevitably grow to love it, as it takes everything you like about Microsoft Office, and makes it incredibly portable. Now you can whip out your phone, and put together a spreadsheet wherever you are- a childhood dream come true, most definitely. And if you want to check out a powerpoint presentation, you can do that as well. They even have a new feature called OneNote Mobile, which allows you to record messages and put together quick lists, memos and whatnot. With this capability, you can even attach images to messages, to jog your memory later on.

The Focus also has both an 5 megapixel camera and a 720p HD video camera in it. While those things are great, they wouldn’t be so awesome if not for the fact that the screen is near the top of the current heap, boasting 480 x 800 pixels on only a little over 4 inches across. You can indulge your inner film maker and show Big Hollywood who has the real goods. Or you can just take the next great viral video of someone falling over, epic fail style.

The iPhone 4: Wow

iPad, iPhone, MacBook Pro
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Apple just does not do anything halfway, do they? When Apple says they are coming out with a great new piece of technology, they come out with a bang, even when Mr. Jobs steps off the stage to the roaring applause of people he has made rich. And the iPhone 4 is no exception to this universal rule. It boasts the most impressive screen to ever be featured on a phone, as well as a host of other high end features. Simply put, there is absolutely no other phone on the market today which can compare to what Apple has produced this time. But of course, this is the kind of article where it will probably be true ten years from now, if we just change it to the iPhone 20, or something.

Most phones these days have a camera on them. Some high end phones have 3 megapixels or more in resolution. Well, this is the iPhone, so it has two cameras. And one of those cameras is not only 5 megapixels (that’s 5 million pixels, or a pretty big image). It also have a 5x digital zoom. So it doesn’t really matter how much you want to see of the image- it will enter the camera at a quality level that could be used as evidence very easily. But that isn’t all.

Once you have an image on the iPhone 4, you can see it better than any camera on planet Earth. With a set of pixels 78 microns wide, they squeezed in 326 pixels per inch on this bad boy’s screen. If you want to see something and it’s there, you will see it (unless you’re blind, or have your eyes closed). Couple that with the fact that you can now video call people (which could be bad if you just got out of the shower or something), and the iPhone 4 is the best thing to ever happen to smartphones today.

Are iPads Good for Business?

Everybody knows why we buy iPads. It’s because when Steve Jobs holds up a piece of electronic equipment, we are all conditioned to buy it at our earliest opportunity. Well, that and the fact that he just happens to make some of the coolest electronic devices known to man. The iPad is just the latest in a long line of neat and sweet little gadgets that have changed the way we view the gizmos that we carry around with us. It can store all sorts of neat apps for blasting aliens, rescuing princesses, and maneuvering abstract objects on quests to obtain other abstract objects. It also has tons of games, too.

But are we nothing more than game playing robots who buy technologies like the iPad out of a compulsion to play games on some kind of hardware device? Are there any truly great applications that one can use, in order to justify purchasing the iPad instead of a tablet PC or even just a basic, old fashioned laptop? There are, in fact. Some good applications that you might consider having in your iPad are “video converter for iPad” that allows you to convert xvid videos so that they could be played on iPad, “iWorks” that is similar to Open Office for word processing and spreadsheets tasks, VLC which is the best media player that you could have in your iPad, filezilla FTP client to access to FTP servers and file transfers and Ares which is a P2P network to allow you to share digital media and files over a virtual file sharing network.

In some cases, there are many other truly useful programs that one can download and install onto the iPad, which will allow them to build spreadsheets, track information relative to accounts (such as at doctor’s offices), and manage small details no matter where you are. In essence, the iPad is the iPhone’s big, uncommunicative brother.

So if you are thinking seriously about going out and buying an iPad, you might want to consider what you are actually going to use it for. If you just want to play games, why not just get a PSP or a DS, which specialize in things of that nature? If you want a lovely game playing device that you can justify on your expense account, however, the iPad might be just the “I’m basically an adult, but here’s a shout out to my inner child” kind of gizmo. The ability to both work and play is wonderful.