Dependence On Technology: Why Is The Younger Generation Unworried?

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The older generation is worried that young people who are  dependent on technology will never develop certain skills that previous generations were forced to develop for survival. The older generation fears that the technology will make people dependent on devices, and will make them forget how to use their own brains.

Well, the situation can be summed up by a look at a conversation between a millionaire father who was born in a poor family and earned money through hard work and his son. When criticized for not being serious about money, the son replies that he can afford to do so because his father is a millionaire while his father’s father was not.

The older generation had to write down info because they did not have a choice. However, when one can carry huge libraries in a small case no bigger than a cell phone, why should one bother taking notes? Cell phone companies are creating smartphones specifically for young people. Brands such as Cricket cell phones are targeting teens with functional keyboards for fast SMS, picture messaging and quality ring tones.

Every generation is uncomfortable with the next generation as they move into uncharted territory. Beyond a certain level, one just cannot attach any importance to the criticisms about new tech. Technology is here to stay, and the smartest option would be to use it properly to further the development of mankind.

Tracking A Call Is Not A Dream Anymore

With the advancement of technology, electronic appliances for communications have got a booster in its use and pursuits. Few years back mobile phone applications were limited to little functionality, but with technological expansion such limitations have been curbed and innovative ideas have penetrated telecommunication industry. The major problem confronting telecom industry was the unwanted calls or the prank calls which signifies a major disturbing element in the ongoing communication plethora. But thanks to the recent discoveries, such a problem can now be easily monitored with the aid of sophisticated software devices.

Investigating agencies need not worry anymore to track or get details of the caller. Earlier such a feature was restricted to specialized detective agencies who could access caller information’s. But with greater awareness programs and websites, today the facility has reached the masses where anyone wishing to crack down on the caller and track his or her location can be easily identified. Are you feeling a thrill? No it’s a reality with various software guaranteeing easy accessibility of caller identification with just a click of your mouse. Reverse number technology process is the recent hype where a targeted receiver is subjected to unwanted calls and messages.

Such a technology not only helps to undecipherable the caller location and identity but helps in getting information about the caller objectives. In this way one can easily crack down on the unwanted caller and prevent further misuse of the same. In case of infidelity too, the system provides ample ease in detonating the caller documentation. Such a case receives success if the caller data matches the database. Naturally speaking, websites now claim to provide free services online.

Touch Screen Technology May Not Be a Good Thing

Cell phones with touch screens are very popular. Now, touch screens are available for computers and televisions. While these screens may seem like a good idea, you need only look at your cell phone screen to realize it may not be such a good idea after all.

If you look at your cell phone screen, you will see that it is grimy and full of fingerprints. It is almost impossible to keep the touch screen on a cell phone clean. Many people carry a cloth around to wipe the screen clean constantly.

Now imagine how your touch screen will look on your computer or television.

The natural oils on your fingers will leave annoying fingerprints each time you touch the screen. Every time you use your computer or television, you will have to wipe off the fingerprints. Often, the fingerprints are stubborn and will smear instead of disappearing.

Many people eat while they are working on their computers. The keyboard gets dirty enough and with touch screens, the screen will get as dirty as the keyboard. Imagine touch your screen while you are eating fried chicken or pizza. Your touch screen will eventually develop an oil slick.

Touch screen technology may appear to be a great idea at the moment; however, it will surely contribute to the development of an obsessive-compulsive disorder in the future. The constant wiping of screens will be the norm for millions of people.

It makes one wonder why a touch screen television is a good idea. The average person will not buy a television that does not include a remote control. Very few people will want to get up and touch their television screen. If they do, they will quickly become annoyed by the greasy fingerprint marks.

It appears that touch screens will be more of a nuisance than a convenience.


A portable electronic device used as a means of communication is known as a mobile phone. It is also known as a cellular phone, hand phone or cell phone. The communication is possible through two-way radio signals transfer over a cellular network. A mobile phone user is allowed to make and receive calls to any fixed-line phone or to the other mobile of different network.

In addition to making and receiving calls, mobile phones also provide various applications to its users by providing services like text messaging, internet access, infrared and Bluetooth communication, gaming, e-mail, radio, MP3 player, camera, MMS messaging services and many more.

The first mobile phone was first introduced in the year 1973, which weighed approximately 2kg. Motorola was the first to provide commercial mobile phone. The users of mobile phones have been increasing ever since its discovery at a very fast pace. Around 4.6 billion people world-wide had the opportunity to make use of the mobile phones which is a very large number since the time it was first introduced.

These mobile phones are electronic gadgets which functions on the batteries. These batteries have to be recharged time to time through power supply. A few common noticeable features we find in mobile phones are input and output mechanism to allow the customer to use the phone. Output feature is usually the display screen of the mobile which can be of color screen or black and white. Another output component is the speaker through which the user can hear the person on the other side during the conversation.

Apart from these uses of the mobile phones, nowadays mobiles are used to mobile payments like mobile banking, reading e-news or mobile credit cards. The most common application apart from making and receiving calls on cell phone is SMS text messaging. The youth of today use this application to a very wide range.

How Much Technology do You Need?

Do you really need all of the technology that’s available to you? For that matter, do you really need all of the technology that you already have in your home, office, and car? The chances are high that you don’t. That doesn’t mean that you don’t like it or enjoy it, but just that it’s really not something you have to have. You could do without it, if you needed to. After all, what did you do before you had that technology? You didn’t need it then, because it wasn’t even available to you. Think back to that time, and keep in mind that you really don’t need much of the technology that you can get today.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you don’t want the technology, or that some of it isn’t useful. If you work online, for example, it makes sense for you to have a computer. If you take photographs for a living, you’ll need a good camera. If you’re a high-level businessperson who’s always traveling, it’s important that you have a good cell phone so you can stay in touch. The problem is that almost everyone has these things, and they buy the ones with the most bells and whistles that do the most things. They really don’t need all of that, and they often don’t use it – but it costs them a lot of money.

Save your money and make more frugal choices, even when it comes to technology. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars. You can spend a few hundred, instead, and still get what you need. That way you’ll have money to spend on things later, instead of being broke because of the technology you previously bought. It’s a much better way to get technology and enjoy it for a longer period of time.