Samsung Vibrant: It’s Alright

The Samsung vibrant is an okay smartphone for general use, and it certainly does have a great design going for it. Unfortunately, other than these things it is kind of a non-entity. Drifting around in mediocrity is fine for some things (like fire extinguishers, for instance), but it just does not work in the glitzy, winner takes all world of smartphones. You really have to have a lot going for you, if you want to be competitive in the modern marketplace. If you want lots of glitz, you are really not going to find it in this particular offering. Also, the battery life is a little on the “meh” side of things. However, the overall design and the sccreen are certainly cute enough to get it noticed.

The Vibrant has an active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (also known as an AMOLED) screen, which rocks SVGA resolution and 16 million colors (most of which the human eye can’t really identify, but they’re still cool to have). Needless to say, it looks absolutely gorgeous, and will display whatever you want to watch brilliantly. The AMOLED screen is actually brighter than a regular LED, and even uses less power. And the 5 megapixel camera with 4x zoom is a nice feature, even though Samsung decided against putting in a flash (which is a standard feature on most smartphones that have a good camera on them) for some unknown reason.

Of course, there is one really neat feature about the Vibrant. 40% of the materials used in this phone are biodegradable, because they are corn based. While this is great for corn growers and the environment as a whole, it can make the phone a little flimsy if you drop it. As well, the regular phone features such as the speaker volume are good and solidly implemented. But just like with a lot of the other parts to the Vibrant, there is nothing beyond “the norm.” Welcome to mediocrity, friends.